Account Management


Enter your contact information to help facilitate customer service and make contacting teammates easier in the future.

Note that the email and phone fields will be visible to your teammates. If you don't want someone to have access to either, simply delete them from your team.

Email Address

You cannot change the email address associated with your account directly. If you need to change your email address, contact customer service at (866)995-4449 to request a change.

My Team

My team contains a list of individuals you have shared projects with or have shared projects with you.

Adding Teammates

You can build your team directly through your projects by inviting anyone with an email address to view or edit your LoopLink PRO projects. Learn more about sharing

Deleting Teammates

To delete teammates, click the delete button to the right of their table row. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Follow the instructions provided in the dialog.

Deleting a teammate will: Revoke all edit/view permissions from the teammate to your projects. Revoke all of your edit/view permissions from the teammate's projects. Remove them from you team. Remove you from their team.

You can reinvite a deleted teammate at anytime but you will not be able to recover past share permissions.