Project Details

LoopLink PRO is flexible and powerful commercial geothermal design software built to facilitate a collaborative and intuitive workflow capable of handling the most complex commercial system designs as easily as the simplest. The source of LoopLink PRO's flexibility is the structure of our projects. A single Project with one Zone Group can model a single building or a dozen buildings all tied to a single central loopfield. A single Project with multiple Zone Groups can model multiple-building, multiple-loop systems. All of the elements can be moved from one Zone Group to the next with a simple drag and drop interface.

Tab Navigation

At the top of the Project page are two tabs allowing you to navigate between the project details (default page) and the project history.

  • Project Details View project details
  • Project History View project history
  • Project Report Generate a project report.


Projects can be shared with anyone in the world. Simply enter an email address and invite collaborators and stakeholders to view or edit your project.

Build Your Team

  • Email Enter a valid email address for the person with whom you would like to share.
    • The reciepient may accept or respectfully decline your request to share.
    • If the recipient is a LoopLink PRO user, a notification will appear on their account badge and on their Project List alerting them of your request to share.
    • If they are new to LoopLink PRO, we will send an invitation to create an account. After they create their account they will have the ability to accept or decline your request.
    • Share requests do not expire but may be retracted at anytime.
    • Users that accept your invitations are automatically added to your team to allow for easier collaboration in the future.
  • Invite to Edit If they choose to accept the invitation, the user will be granted the right to view and edit your project.
    • Shared projects have a simple check-in/check-out access control system. To avoid stomping over collaborator changes, only a single user can modify a project at a time.
    • By default a project that is available for check out will be checked out to the first collaborator to open the file.
    • Users with share access may duplicate your project from the project list.
  • Invite to View If they choose to accept the invitation, the user will be granted the right to view your project.
    • The user will not be able to make any changes but will be able to see everything within your project.

Your Team

As you share projects with people your team will grow. Everyone you have shared a project with in the past will appear in your team list. Simply click the role you would like the user to have for the current project.

By default, your teammates have no access to your new projects.

Project Name

  • Name Name the Project currently being designed. This name will displayed in your Project List.

Client Information

These fields are for your reference. Add any relevant client information you would like to include. It is possible to search for projects by client name from the project list.

Project Location

These fields are for your reference. Add project location information to allow search by location from the project list.

Project History

As you work, LoopLink PRO records the changes made to a project in this simple history log.

  • Each time you save a change to an element within your project, LoopLink PRO makes note of:
      1. The date and time of the change
      2. The name of the modified element (Zone, Hotwater, GHEX etc.)
      3. Who made the change (useful for accountability tracking when sharing with a team).
      4. The name of all fields that were modified including the new and previous values.
  • Field History
    • Field names are shown in bold. You can click on any field name and all recorded changes to that specific field will be highlighted.
  • This log cannot be modified.


The project report page gives you the ability to create an easy to read and share summary of your project. Reports are preformatted and output in DOCx files you can open and edit in Word™, Pages™, OpenOffice™ or LibreOffice™ to name a few.

Only active elements will be included in the report.

Report Types

  • Standard Report The standard report will provide a breakdown of the project Zone Group(s) and the active ghex (when available).
  • Detailed Report The detailed report will break out the inputs and outputs for each active element within the project Zone Group(s).

Selecting Zone Groups

Some users will choose to use Zone Groups as testing grounds for multiple loop designs or load profiles and may not want to generate a report for all of their iterations. Simply select the Zone Groups you would like to include and generate your report.