Detailed GSHP Selection Mode

Select the heat pump model to apply to the current zone. With a model selected, you may also apply a specific set of operating conditions to the heat pump for accurate performance modeling. An unlimited number of heat pump models may be added to a zone.

Tab Navigation

  • At the top of the Detailed Equipment Selection page are two tabs allowing you to navigate between the heat pump filter (default page) and operating condition specifications
    • Filter and Select Heat Pumps Filter the list and select a heat pump to apply to the zone.
    • Adjust Heat Pump Operating Conditions Specify the operating conditions for the heat pump.
  • Click Save or hit enter on the keyboard to save the heat pump and return to the zone page.

Equipment Filters

Use the provided filters to narrow search results as necessary. Filter by manufacturer, package options, compressor options, and blower type.

  • Clear All Filters This will reset all search filters, showing all available manufacturers and GSHP models in the list.
    • Contact us to submit a missing manufacturer/model request.

Manufacturer List

  • The list of available manufacturers will appear according to the filter settings:
    • Click on a manufacturer to display the list of available series
    • Click on a series to display the list of available models
    • Click on the specific model to apply it to the zone
      • After doing so, you will be able to specify the quantity and the operating conditions for the heat pump being selected.

Operating Conditions

  • The parameters that you can adjust will depend on heat pump being selected. Keep in mind that for both heat pump types, the entering water temperatures (EWTmin/EWTmax) are already specified for the zone group and heat pump performance will be adjusted accordingly.
    • Water-Air Heat Pumps Load side entering air temperature (EAT DB/WB), load side air flow (CFM) and source side water flow (GPM).
    • Water-Water Heat Pumps Load side entering/leaving water temperature (ELT or LLT, depending on manufacturer), load side water flow (GPM) and source side water flow (GPM).
  • The range for each parameter will automatically be limited per the heat pump manufacturer's specifications.

Consult the Heat Pump Manufactuer

  • LoopLink PRO will limit the operating conditions based on the published ratings for each heat pump and adjust accordingly but you still must consult with the heat pump manufacturer in order to:
    • Verify rated performance of the equipment being selected
    • Ensure that the equipment is capable of operating under the conditions that you specify

For detailed discussion on factors that affect heat pump performance, refer to Section 2.3.3 (Chapter 2, pages 16-18) in IGSHPA's Ground Source Heat Pump Residential & Light Commercial Design and Installation Guide